What does a Criminal Defense Lawyer do?

A reputable and experienced criminal defense lawyer will fight to ensure that each client receives a fair trial. This means that a decent criminal defense attorney will protect your rights, and will also gather a substantial amount of evidence on your behalf to earn a sentence that is as lenient and forgiving as possible. Factors of a criminal defense case, however, do also depend on the discretion of both the judge and what is considered acceptable within the confines of the written law.

According to the Ohio State Bar Association, a criminal defense lawyer’s initial role is to prepare their client for arraignment. An arraignment signifies that official charges have been filed. A lawyer must then draft a proper plea on behalf of their client. This plea will be presented to the judge, who will review this, along with additional evidence, in order to evaluate the case for trial.

While it may seem easy to prepare your own plea, you are strongly urged to reconsider the idea. The laws surrounding all forms of criminal offenses are complex. Also keep in mind, that if you are facing a criminal case, anything that you say can and will be used against you in court. This can be an overwhelming reality for those facing criminal charges.

In addition to protecting your rights, and keeping you away from legal trouble as much as possible, lawyers will also keep you up-to-date with current laws regarding explicit criminal offenses. They can also help collaborate with witnesses to gather pertinent information, and even helpful statements to support your case.

Finally, a criminal defense lawyer will defend you no matter what a prosecuting attorney may throw your way. This means that a criminal defense lawyer will respond to any offers a prosecuting lawyer may make. A criminal defense lawyer will also speak to a prosecuting lawyer regarding any matter, on behalf of his/her client.

How much does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost?

Regarding the cost of a criminal trial, the Law Offices of Jason Rappaport are willing to work with you. There are multiple factors that may be considered when determining how much a criminal defense lawyer may cost.